Tooth decay (dental caries) is caused by the combined effect of bacteria on teeth (plaque), metabolising sugar and acids in food & drinks.  Acid can also directly dissolve and soften the enamel off teeth.  Decay progresses when these factors outweigh the  protective effects of saliva and the strength of the tooth surface.

Certain medications and drugs can dry your mouth allowing decay to progress more rapidly.

We can suggest methods of balancing these factors to keep decay under control.


White fillings:

Composite resin is tooth coloured filling material that bonds well to natural tooth structure and allows us to preserve as much of the healthy tooth as possible.  They can help to strengthen the tooth and help to insulate the nerve from hot and cold.  White fillings are great, but do demand precision and attention to detail in their placement.

We do try to use composite fillings whenever possible, however there are situations where an alternative treatment will work better and protect your teeth for longer.