Endodontics, or “root canal treatment” is a way of saving teeth that otherwise might need to be removed. One common misconception is that root canal treatment is very painful. Sore teeth can often be saved  by doing root canal treatment (“endodontics”) which can remove the source of the pain. Endodontics is also aimed at preventing future infection which could also become a source of pain.

We do offer after hours appointments specifically for our patients.

See the “our technology” to read more about the latest techniques and equipment that help us to do the best job we possibly can for this complex treatment.  Sometimes, however, teeth pose challenges that are beyond a General Dentist, and an Endodontist (or root canal specialist) would be the best person to perform the treatment.  We aim to identify these challenges before we start, to help achieve the best long term result for you.

Equally as important as the quality of the endodontic treatment (possibly even more important), is how soon the “final filling” is placed in the tooth.  Temporary fillings can leak (or worse still- fall out!) and re-contaminate the root canal filling, leading to possible failure.  Sometimes too, teeth can crack or split while a temporary filling is in place, and occasionally it is not possible to save the tooth.  It is best to fill the tooth immediately, and ideally if a crown is planned this should be placed sooner rather than later.